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Order Drinks from your Phone

With ordering on Tappr, you'll never have to leave what you're doing or wait in line to get the bartender's attention. Browse the bar menu, find your drink, and place your order all from your phone. Once the bartender is done making your drinks, you'll be notified to pick them up. Go to the bar, show the bartender your phone, and leave. It's really that simple.

Send Drinks to Anyone, Anywhere

Out of town for a friend's birthday? You can do better than just a wall post. With gifting you can send a friend a drink from anywhere at anytime!

Check in to your bar

See who's also at the bar with you and let your friends know where you're at by checking in to your current location. Checking in to a bar will also let the bar know that you're there and since you're one of their favorites, you'll probably get a few perks :)

Stay in the loop

What are my friends up to?! Simple. Just goto the activity screen in Tappr and see where they are, what they're doing, and what they're saying about tonight's bar scene. Just because your friends may be elsewhere doesn't mean you can't enjoy your time out with them!

Forget Opening Tabs

On Tappr, your credit card lives securely in your phone and because your card is on file you'll never have to open a tab again. We charge as you go so that you can leave the bar when you want to. This means no more waiting at the end of the night to close out your tab. We'll email you a receipt of your entire night the next morning.

Keep your Nights Secure

You'll never have to worry about people putting drinks on your tab without you knowing. You are completely in control of your tab and who you want to buy drinks for. Also, because you pay from your phone, you can leave your credit card at home and stop worrying about your card getting lost or stolen.